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[Star Tribune, September 18, 2018]   A international study found that healthy people over age 70 got no preventive benefit from aspirin & were at greater risk for harm such as stomach bleeding.
September 17, 2018
[Star Tribune, August 11, 2013]   Five years ago, Dr. Richard Adair had what some might find a peculiar idea: Hire a cadre of personable but inexperienced workers, place them in medical clinics, and have them counsel chronically ill patients to help improve their health and cut their medical costs. After a pilot program in 2008, Allina Health clinics in the Twin Cities launched a yearlong study funded primarily by the nonprofit Robina Foundation.
August 16, 2013
[Star News, February 24, 2012]   It’s hard to imagine, but an Otsego man who went into cardiac arrest while driving this past week was actually pretty lucky. Almond Drone, 52, attracted the attention of what turned out to be an impromptu medical team.
February 24, 2012