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[WCCO Radio, March 06, 2022]   Sleep is an important part of everyone's health. WCCO Radio's Susie Jones talked with Allina Health's Dr. Andrew Stiehm who specializes in pulmonary and sleep medicine.
March 06, 2022
[KARE 11, February 13, 2018]   While Americans are actually getting more z's a night, a whopping 18 minutes, one-third of seniors say they have to take a sleep aid to fall asleep.
February 13, 2018
[KSTP TV, May 21, 2016]   If you’re tossing and turning night after night, doctors are now saying you should put away the pill bottle and try talk therapy. Local psychologist Michael Schmitz , who specializes in behavioral sleep medicine at Abbott Northwestern , says there are new guidelines you should try therapy before pills.
May 21, 2016
[KSTP TV, February 27, 2016]   More than one-third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, and for women, it could mean putting themselves at risk for developing diabetes. Dr. Andrew Stiehm is a sleep specialist at Allina Health and talked with KSTP-TV about why women are more at risk, what everyone should do to sleep well.
March 01, 2016
[KMSP-TV, January 12, 2016]   Not getting enough sleep can lead to more problems than sleepiness. A new study indicates sleep problems can cause physical effects associated with dementia.
January 11, 2016
[KMSP-TV Fox 9, February 02, 2015]   A new study reinforces the need for all of us — from newborns to the elderly — to get adequate amounts of sleep for our good health. Allina Health United Lung & Sleep Clinic medical director Andrew Stiehm, MD , talked with Fox 9's Jeff Passolt about why that is.
February 02, 2015
[Star Tribune, December 05, 2013]   Olivia Priedeman, 17, woke one morning from a dream she had about making plans with a friend. But it wasn’t a dream.
December 05, 2013