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[Brainerd Dispatch, August 19, 2017]   A local medical research study may soon yield new knowledge about a relatively unknown form of heart disease. The Minneapolis Heart Institute's Baxter location will be the nexus of a planned research project tracking pulmonary hypertension.
September 05, 2017
[Brainerd Dispatch, August 02, 2013]   A new bicycling group in Crosby is hitting the roads every week. It started off as a few doctors getting together because of a common interest in bicycling.
August 02, 2013
[Brainerd Dispatch, June 12, 2013]   People gathered beneath a tent with sand underfoot on one of the warmest and sunny days of the season to celebrate construction of a new medical clinic in Baxter. Nearby, the skeleton of the clinic was already taking shape.
June 12, 2013
[Brainerd Dispatch, May 14, 2013]   Few people get enough physical activity to benefit their health. It’s a mere 20 percent, said Susan Masemer , an exercise physiologist.
May 15, 2013
[Brainerd Dispatch, May 01, 2013]   Minneapolis Heart Institute , part of Allina Health , invites the public to Physical Activity: The Unfilled Prescription at 5:30 p.m. May 13 at Arrowwood Lodge . Susan Masemer , M.S., an exercise physiologist, will provide an overview of the science of exercise.
May 08, 2013
[Brainerd Dispatch, May 02, 2012]   People are accustomed to the sound of a heartbeat early on, with the soft thumping beat signifying the first sign of life in infancy and the last sound before passing. So accustomed to that sound, said Susan White, registered and licensed dietician with the Minneapolis Heart Institute , that “the heart tends to get taken for granted.” Read the full story online at .
May 03, 2012
[Brainerd Dispatch, October 06, 2011]   Ewan and Erek Carner may be too young now to understand, but one day their mother, Dawn Carner, hopes her sons realize they were part of something special Wednesday. Ewan, 6, and Erek, 3, were considered micropreemies when the boys from Brainerd were born extremely premature at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.
October 06, 2011
[Brainerd Dispatch, May 25, 2011]   Stroke can lead to death, but that doesn’t mean it has to. During May, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center has been working to promote awareness about the risk factors, symptoms and prevention of stroke.
May 27, 2011