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[Star Tribune, November 07, 2017]   Ann Losness didn’t want to go back to Mercy Hospital Unity Camps after a four-day stay for heart problems, and the hospital didn’t want her back either. They had gotten along fine — but return visits can be frustrating, expensive and ultimately preventable if hospitals adequately prep patients to go home the first time.
November 07, 2017
[MinnPost, September 15, 2017]   In the Twin Cities region, Minneapolis-based Allina Health and Bloomington-based HealthPartners are competing providers. But in the northwest corner of the metro, the two nonprofit health systems are working together in a unique partnership.
September 15, 2017
[Star Tribune, August 08, 2015]   Health care systems in Minnesota have a unique history of setting aside competitive instincts to pursue common improvements in patient care, such as the “Safest in America” partnership a decade ago, when metro hospitals agreed on a technique to mark the sites of surgical incisions. But a joint venture by Allina Health and HealthPartners to improve care in the northwest metro has taken that spirit a step further.
August 08, 2015