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[Minnesota Public Radio, November 26, 2012]   The re-election of President Obama guaranteed that the country will be moving forward with the Affordable Care Act. For hospitals that means big changes in the way they get paid.
November 26, 2012
[Star Tribune, October 13, 2012]   Walk-in clinics stand to gain a lot more customers in the years ahead. More than 30 million Americans will gain health insurance in 2014 as a result of federal health reform efforts, at a time when many doctors' offices already are full and a physician shortage looms.
October 25, 2012
[Star Tribune, October 12, 2012]   Until now, hospitals have had little incentive to keep patients away. But last week, the federal Medicare program started imposing financial penalties on hospitals that, in its view, have too many repeat customers.
October 12, 2012
[Healthcare Informatics, August 20, 2012]   The Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards Program reaped a cornucopia of outstanding submissions in 2012. One of the semi-finalist teams this year was the Patient Census Dashboard Team at the Minneapolis-based Allina Health.
August 27, 2012
[Minnesota Public Radio, August 07, 2012]   An experimental partnership between two Twin Cities rivals appears to be holding down health care costs. About two years ago, HealthPartners and Allina Hospitals and Clinics created a program to improve care and reduce costs for 27,000 patients in the northwest metro area.
August 09, 2012
[HealthLeaders, January 01, 0001]   About three years ago two rival Minnesota health systems—HealthPartners and Allina Health—began exploring how they could combine their resources to accomplish together what they couldn't do alone. The two formed Northwest Metro Alliance to focus on achieving the triple-aim of healthcare—better care, better health, and lower cost—for 27,000 high-risk HealthPartners commercial members who live in the northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis and receive their medical care at Mercy Hospital, part of Allina Health, or at the nine local medical clinics operated by either HealthPartners or Allina.
May 18, 2012
[Star Tribune, February 08, 2012]   Allina Hospitals and Clinics is changing its name to reflect a new mission that shifts the emphasis away from places we go when we're sick and onto disease prevention and personal vitality. The new moniker -- Allina Health -- has been discussed internally with employees for several months, and now it's quietly rolling out to the public.
February 09, 2012
[COON RAPIDS HERALD, July 09, 2011]   A new partnership between Allina Hospitals & Clinics and Life Time Fitness  includes MyHealthCheck, a service available to Allina employees. It gives employees a health score through testing their LDL/HDL ratio, glucose, triglycerides, body composition, tobacco use and blood pressure.
July 11, 2011
[Star Tribune, April 12, 2011]   There are now three proposals, outlined by Minnesota's leaders, meant to chart the course for the future of health care in the state. There is good in each, but none can stand alone to improve on the current system and save $1.6 billion for the next biennium.
April 14, 2011
[Minnesota Public Radio, March 31, 2011]   The Obama administration has filled in some of the blanks in a key part of the health care overhaul. The administration proposed rules Thursday to define Accountable Care Organizations, which are meant to save hundreds of millions of dollars in the Medicare program while improving quality for patients.
March 31, 2011