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[HealthDay, May 11, 2012]   A new treatment that involves spinning bone marrow stem cells to enhance their healing potential may help people with advanced heart failure feel and function better, a small study suggests. Researchers developed the treatment by culturing a patient's own bone marrow for 12 days.
May 11, 2012
[HealthDay News, November 16, 2011]   Women and younger men account for a large number of heart attacks in the United States but are less likely than older men to receive preventive medications that lower heart attack risk, a new study indicates. Researchers evaluated more than 3,000 heart attack patients treated at the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital between March 2003 and January 2010, and found that 70.3 percent of them had not been diagnosed with coronary heart disease (CHD) and 60 percent of those undiagnosed patients were men 55 and younger and women 65 and younger with premature CHD.
November 16, 2011
[HealthDay News, November 15, 2011]   Elite female marathon runners have less coronary artery plaque than their male counterparts and sedentary women, a new study finds. A recent Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation study found that elite male marathoner runners may have more coronary artery plaque than men who aren't physically active, so the investigators decided to see if the same was true in women.
November 15, 2011