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[Northfield News, November 04, 2019]   Beginning Thursday, Allina Health Northfield Clinic will start offering 3D mammograms. "Early detection is the best protection because finding breast cancer early improves the likelihood that treatment will be successful," said Allina Health Northfield Clinic lead physician Cindy Baumgartner in a press release.
November 04, 2019
[Northfield News, April 26, 2019]   Seventy percent of teenagers say anxiety & depression are major problems among peers. Northfield HS has been selected to participate in Change to Chill.
April 26, 2019
[Northfield News, July 30, 2013]   Local Northfield community organizations and businesses recently received thousands in Healthy Activity grants to promote social connections and increase healthy behaviors. Several Rice county organizations will take part thanks to Healthy Activity grants from Allina Health .
August 05, 2013
[Northfield News, February 25, 2011]   Dr. Rod Christensen wasn’t expecting his latest promotion. Christensen was officially named chief medical officer of Allina Medical Clinic in January.
February 28, 2011
[Northfield News, November 03, 2010]   Whether you’re already a full-fledged denizen of Prozac Nation or merely striving to maintain sanity in the wake of our economic earthquake, Northfield psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons has your prescription for peace. It’s called “The Chemistry of Calm.” Like his best-selling first book, “The Chemistry of Joy: a Three Step Program for Overcoming Depression,” this second offering in a projected trilogy blends the latest in Western biochemistry and Buddhist philosophy, aiming to arm you against the evil twins of depression and anxiety.
November 03, 2010
[Northfield News, February 09, 2010]   Dr. Scott Koehler loves his job as a sports medicine specialist at Allina Medical Clinic in Northfield . He also realizes if he’s busy, that means somebody is hurt.
February 10, 2010
[Northfield News, December 22, 2009]   Local health care providers are opening their H1N1 vaccine supplies to the general population following new recommendations from the state. Northfield’s Allina Medical Clinic will offer the vaccine to the public, Clinic Manager Barb Barlau said, as will the Northfield Hospital and Clinics, said spokesman Scott Richardson on Tuesday.
December 23, 2009
[Northfield News, December 18, 2009]   Local health officials said a recalled batch of H1N1 vaccinations for children was not distributed in Northfield. The 800,000 pediatric immunization doses recalled by manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur were found through testing to lose potency in storage, but were not distributed to the Northfield Hospital and Clinics or Allina Medical Clinic in Northfield , officials there said.
December 19, 2009