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[CBS, April 12, 2020]   "Sunday Morning" Special Contributor Ted Koppel asks three leaders from disparate fields , including Allina Health President and CEO Dr. Penny Wheeler , them about the most important elements of leadership, and what our nation seeks out in a time of crisis. Dr. Wheeler is a gynecologist and obstetrician who now runs Allina Health, with its 11 hospitals and more than 90 clinics throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.
April 12, 2020
[CBS Morning News, November 07, 2019]   For many people, especially children, a ride in the back of an ambulance can be scary. That prompted Allina Health EMS paramedic Ivan Mazurkiewicz to look for a way to take scary out of that ride.
November 07, 2019
[Pioneer Press, January 02, 2013]   Jason and Christina Negus of Nowthen thought they were going to ring in 2013 with a quiet night at home. But about 9:30 p.m., it became clear that their new son had other plans.
January 02, 2013
[CBS, April 01, 2012]   Statistically, fewer than one percent of all medical devices fail their patients - far fewer, in fact. Small comfort if one of those very rare failures strikes you or me or someone you love.
April 01, 2012
[CBS, December 03, 2010]   Aretha Franklin remains mum on the ailment that led her to undergo surgery Thursday, but she's not shy about saying who deserves credit for making the operation "highly successful." "God is still in control," the ailing Queen of Pop said in a written statement. "I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country." Dr. Jeffrey A.
December 06, 2010