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[WCCO-TV News, November 09, 2020]   November is the month set aside to remind men to take care of themselves
November 09, 2020
[KSTP TV, November 01, 2020]   November is Movember, a reminder to men to pay attention to their health
November 01, 2020
[WCCO-TV, June 24, 2019]   June is a month dedicated to talking about men’s health. For many men, even talking about their own health issues is something they avoid. Read more.
June 24, 2019
[KARE 11, August 28, 2018]   KARE 11's Randy Shaver announced he’s been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. Dr. Peter Sershon talks about prostate cancer detection & treatment.
August 28, 2018
[KSTP TV, March 18, 2018]   Perhaps you wouldn't think of it, but it makes sense — men are more likely to schedule vasectomies around the time of major sporting events like March Madness and the Masters golf tournament. Urologist and surgeon, Dr. Peter Sershon , director of the robotic surgery program at United Hospital , talked with KSTP-TV News about the reasons why.
March 18, 2018