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[Hutchinson Leader, August 26, 2017]   Eighteen years after he was paralyzed in a car crash north of Hutchinson at age 17, Colby Smith was recently reminded how to feels to be on his feet — with assistance. “I cannot ever remember feeling so wobbly and uncoordinated while I was walking (before),” he said.
August 29, 2017
[Hutchinson Leader, October 17, 2012]   Ambulance service in Hutchinson has reached a higher level during the past 10 months since Allina Health Emergency Medical Service took over. An ambulance crew is now stationed at Hutchinson Community Hospital around the clock.
October 19, 2012
[Hutchinson Leader, July 10, 2012]   If you had to rate your health, based on a scale of zero to 100, what would your score be? During the next three years, thousands of area residents will have the opportunity to find out.
July 20, 2012