Allina Health paramedic uses military experience to save lives

Mark Reina family

[Isanti County News, November 07, 2018] For veteran and Allina Health paramedic Mark Reina, a career in emergency medical services wasn’t something he anticipated while growing up, but it has become something he’s grown to love.

After spending his childhood in a rural area of upstate New York, Reina knew he wanted to escape the boringness that surrounded him and explore the world, and he was able to do just that once he enlisted in the Marine Corps.

“I graduated high school working two or three jobs, really not finding what I wanted. I tried college, and even that wasn’t for me in the beginning,” Reina said. “Then one day I just went into the recruiter’s office, talked to the Marine recruiter and enlisted. I just needed to get away from the area — that’s what drove me to service to begin with.”

Reina explained throughout life he’s always appreciated a challenge, and that’s what he believes drew him to the Marine Corps over the other branches.service to begin with.”

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