Special Report: Zach Knuckey Is Coming Back

[WDAY-TV, May 18, 2015] In kindergarten Zach Knuckey remembers telling his teacher, that when he grew up - he was going to be a fishing guide. At age 24 his dream was starting to come true. But a tragic injury has Zach fighting for all he holds dear. Now Zach is determined to take back his life, and his dreams.

Sunny days, or rainy days, it didn't matter. If he was awake, Zach wanted to be fishing. And as he got older, his dream to be a fishing guide just grew and grew.

"Before my accident, I was fishing five days a week," said Zach. What he refers to as his accident was a freak spinal injury. A blood clot in his spinal column, that changed everything.

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