Minneapolis airport worker saved by coworkers, supported by friends

heart in hands

[KMSP-TV, July 18, 2014] Living in Abbott Northwestern Hospital minutes can feel like hours, and the days often run together. On April 14, 47-year old Wendy Kichler was working at her new job at the ticket counter for Frontier Airlines. Her daughter, Melinda Kichler, also works at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and remembers a coworker running for help.

“She was having heart attack symptoms," Melinda said. "She couldn't breathe, she said her chest was tight arm started going numb. She fainted and got sick.”

Dr. Kevin Harris points out thankfully the doctors at United Hospital realized Wendy wasn’t having a heart attack, but a sudden aortic dissection. The biggest blood vessel in her heart had torn.

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