Hospice music therapists hit the right note

music therapy for hospice patients
Harry Oxley and music therapist Sarah Newberry

[Star Tribune, February 18, 2014] Harry Oxley settles deeper into his oversized recliner, his deep-set eyes glistening as Sarah Newberry snugs her guitar into her lap. As her lilting voice glides into “The Girl That I Marry,” Oxley smiles, then manages to sing a few words here and there, despite the oxygen tube running into his nostrils. When the song ends, he sighs. Oxley isn’t marrying anyone. The 88-year-old is in hospice with congestive heart failure. The music Newberry sings for him won’t help him live longer, but it’s one of several Allina Home Health and Hospice therapies designed to help him live better. Read the full story at startribune.com.

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