'It's a miracle' says father of boy shot in the eye

[KMSP, January 01, 0001] A North Dakota teen’s father calls it a miracle that his son survived — and is doing so well — after being shot in the eye in a hunting accident, but he is heading home to Bismarck, N.D. after a successful surgery at United Hospital, St. Paul.

On Monday, Russell MacDonald and his 14-year-old son, Kaelan, spoke about the frightening accident and the delicate brain surgery performed by neurosurgeon Dr. Eric Nussbaum at United Hospital, St. Paul, that saved the young hunter’s life.

"This would really be a one-in-a million type situation," said Dr. Nussbaum. "It punctured (the artery), got caught in the flow in the center of the artery, traveled up in the artery and went out the artery and carried to this point where it's blocking flow."

Watch the reports from FOX 9, WCCO, and KSTP.

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