Hands-only CPR: Hitting restart on hearts

[Pioneer Press, January 12, 2013] Bill Schwartz doesn't remember his children screaming. He doesn't remember his car rolling down the driveway, or the impact as it hit a neighbor's house. He doesn't recall getting CPR. But that's why he's alive today.

Now Schwartz, 54, of Apple Valley, is one of a platoon of workers training thousands of citizens to save lives using a rapidly spreading hands-only CPR technique.

Minnesota's wave of hands-only CPR instruction is aimed at what Katie Tewalt says is the No. 1 cause of death in America -- sudden cardiac arrest. Tewalt is the supervisor of Allina Health's Heart Safe Communities. Her group seeks to increase the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest, which often is confused with a heart attack. Read the full story at twincities.com.

Hands-only CPR

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