Study Claims Prostate Cancer Tests 'Harmful,' Ineffective, cancer surgeon disagrees

[KMSP Fox9, October 06, 2011] The same group that claimed women don't need mammograms is now questioning the  efficacy of test that revolutionized the detection and treatment of prostate cancer;  however, Dr. Pete Sershon, who specializes in treating prostate cancer at United Hospital, isn't buying it.

"When a man has a PSA blood test year to year, a significant change in the  PSA from one year to the next can be an indicator of a clinically-significant  prostate cancer, one that is aggressive enough that it can be life-threatening,"  he explained. Sershon said that's why he swears by the test and called the study  "disappointing" because he knows first-hand the consequences of not getting his  patients into the operating room in time. Watch the full report below.

Posted on October 07, 2011 in cancerKMSPTV NewsUnited Hospital

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