Many patients still decide to get flu vaccine


[Minnesota Public Radio, October 26, 2011] A day after a new study revealed that flu vaccines are not as effective as once thought, doctors report that their patients are asking questions about the findings. Still, it doesn't appear that the downgrade in the vaccine's effectiveness is altering many patients decision to get immunized against flu.

That's was the scenario at a flu clinic in Northfield, Minn., where Dr. Rod Christensen is Chief Medical Officer for Allina Medical Clinic. He oversees 45 Allina clinics, including the one in Northfield. When he checked in with his medical staff, Christensen was told that 25 people were scheduled to receive a flu vaccine today. Listen to the report here.

Posted on October 27, 2011 in Allina Health ClinicsAllina Health SystemMPRRadio

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