Allina eases the burden of depression with Resilience Training


[MedCity News, July 01, 2011] In 2003, Todd Stitt was able to deal with his depression. The 37-year-old computer programmer from Minneapolis worked as a contractor. “I was clear with my employer that I had depression. When I worked, I got paid. When I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid,” Stitt said.

But then everything fell apart. Overwhelmed by depression, he could no longer work. “I think I got out of bed every day. But there were days when that’s all I did,” Stitt said. “I didn’t have any energy.” And his depression was so severe, he depended on family and friends to do the basics — shop, clean, and do his laundry.

Then he heard about the resilience training program at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing in Minneapolis. The program, inspired by holistic psychiatrist Henry Emmons, blends nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness meditation to manage depression, anxiety, and stress-related mental health conditions.

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