Coon Rapids firefighter fights back to form

[COON RAPIDS HERALD, March 31, 2011] Ken Boelter, a 15-year veteran firefighter, is in the fight of his life after a stroke paralyzed the left side of his body last October. Boelter, captain of Coon Rapids Fire Department’s Station 1, was out fighting a house fire early last October.

Boelter suddenly felt his left leg fall limp and heavy. Over the next few hours, he lost coordination, his speech was garbled, his thoughts were confused, he lost his energy. After three days in Mercy Hospital’s intensive care unit, Boelter was transferred to Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s brain injury unit for 18 days of inpatient therapy. “They call it boot camp and that’s what it was… Every day hard-working, tough drills and repetition from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. It was tough. It was hard work,” said Boelter.

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