Minneapolis Girls Get Pricked by Needles Found in Playground

[KSTP TV, February 16, 2011] Two Minneapolis girls were pricked by needles after finding them in their school playground.  Police say it happened at the Whittier School along 26th Avenue West and Harriett Street.

The girls, eight and seven, found "several" needles according a police report.  They played with them and were poked.  The children were taken to a physician.

Despite the scare, infection specialist Allina infection preventionist Cindy Larson says, "the risk of infection from HIV or Hepatitis is minimal.  Anything on the needle is probably going to be dead."  Larson tells us those viruses cannot survive in open air more than a few minutes let alone weeks or months in snow.

Posted on February 17, 2011 in Allina Health System

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