Andover family adopts, gets pregnant and adopts again

[KARE11, December 04, 2010] Christmas came early for one Andover family this year. Early Thursday morning at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Zachary Thomas joined the Grawey family of six. But his was just the fourth arrival of the year.

Last November and faced with fertility problems, Julie and Travis Grawey decided to go down the path of adoption. They quickly found a match, and in May, their twins -- Anna and Tyler -- were born.

A few days later, the couple learned they were pregnant with Zach. And six weeks after that, their twins' birth mother asked if they'd also adopt the twins' sibling, a then 13-month-old girl, Katie. They said, "yes."

Posted on December 06, 2010 in KARE11Mercy HospitalTV News

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