Allina's Abbott Northwestern Hospital uses new aneurysm treatment

Barbara Grangaard had a brain aneurysm that was treated with a unique device that shoots glue-like substance into the aneurysm. The device is made by Plymouth MN. based ev3.

[Star Tribune, June 06, 2010] Last summer, Barbara Grangaard developed a slight tremor in her right hand and went in for an MRI scan.

The results were a surprise. The test didn't detect any problem related to the tremor, but it did reveal an aneurysm, a bubble protruding from a blood vessel in her brain.

Within a few months, Grangaard received treatment at Abbott Northwestern Hospital with a product from Plymouth-based EV3 Inc. called Onyx HD-500. It uses a liquid with the consistency of honey that is injected into the aneurysm and then hardens to block blood from the bubble.

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