Chill out during chemo and maybe keep your hair

Chris Greene demonstrated how to place one of the frozen gel-filled caps on his wife, Carrie Greene at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

[Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 22, 2010] Carrie Greene's cancer doctor called her on a Saturday morning a few months ago and said he wanted to change her chemotherapy treatment. What do you think about losing your hair, he asked.

"I decided I wanted to keep it," she said of her short, dishwater blond hair.

And so far she has. Each week when Greene goes in for chemotherapy at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, she dons a gel-filled cap, replaced every 30 minutes, that freezes her scalp. In theory, the caps, which are frozen in a special freezer at 22 degrees below zero, prevent the chemo drugs from killing the cells in her hair follicles.

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Posted on May 24, 2010 in Allina Health System

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