Owatonna survival story

[WCCO-TV, January 21, 2010] A Minnesota mother is sharing her story of survival and her one big regret after she was in a terrible motorcycle crash.

Last fall, Dayna Halbert was thrown off her motorcycle and into the truck that t-boned her in an Owatonna intersection. The other driver was going 60 mph, she said. She broke 11 ribs, 23 bones and both of her lungs collapsed. Halbert's skull was split in half and she also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

She's working with physical and occupational therapists at Owatonna Hospital to regain her strength and balance. Doctors have operated five times so far and she's got a few more surgeries and more therapy to go.

Posted on January 29, 2010 in Owatonna HospitalTV NewsWCCO

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