Heart attack survivor meets the stranger who saved his life

[KARE11, January 05, 2010] It started Saturday night when Barb Monson and her 77 year old husband Bud left the movies. As they were driving home, Bud had a heart attack. He ran a stop sign and plowed into snow bank. The first man to stop was Roger. Barb doesn't know his whole name. Roger started administering mouth-to-mouth on Bud. Jim Mason was the next to stop; he started giving Bud chest compressions.

Two days later, Bud Monson was recovering from that heart attack at United Hospital. Mason paid him a visit and was greeted by hugs from Monson's wife, son, and daughter. Bud Monson managed to squeeze his hand, a gesture to say thank you.

Posted on January 06, 2010 in Heart/CardiovascularKARE11TV NewsUnited Hospital

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