H1N1 Flu Vaccine Now Available to All Allina Clinic Patients

[Allina Newsroom, December 17, 2009] Allina clinics, including Aspen Medical Group, Quello Clinic and Allina Medical Clinic, are now making H1N1 flu vaccine available to all its patients provided that individual clinics have adequate supply of H1N1 vaccine on hand.

"Allina’s clinics have adopted the Minnesota Department of Health’s latest recommendations that the H1N1 vaccine be made available to all who seek the immunization,” said Lynn Berg, Allina’s director for clinics risk and safety. “With more than 60 clinics on our system, there will be some locations that may still run short at times, however H1N1 vaccine supply is continuing to arrive, so we are following the guidelines provided by MDH and offering the H1N1 vaccine to all Allina patients who ask for it so long as the patient’s clinic has it on hand."

Allina requests that patients call their respective clinics to make an appointment to receive the vaccine and to insure that there is vaccine on hand at that location. This includes children up to ten years old seeking the recommended second H1N1 vaccine dose. Allina is still reserving a portion of its H1N1 vaccine supply for high-risk patients. Seasonal Flu Vaccine

In addition, Allina’s clinics have received its final and full shipment of seasonal flu vaccine. This vaccine is now available for all Allina patients (Allina Medical Clinic, Aspen Medical Group and Quello Clinic). Patients wishing to receive a seasonal flu vaccine should call their regular clinic to make an appointment. About Allina Clinics

Allina clinics are a not-for-profit system of clinics including 45 Allina Medical Clinic locations, 12 Aspen Medical Group clinics and specialty care centers, and five Quello Clinic locations. The Allina clinics are part of Allina Hospitals & Clinics which owns and operates 11 hospitals, more than 90 clinics and specialty care centers, and specialty medical services that provide hospice care, oxygen and home medical equipment, pharmacies, and emergency medical transportation services.

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