The handyman's approach to CPR

[Pioneer Press, October 18, 2009] People performing CPR chest compressions might fare better using a device that functions a bit like a toilet plunger rather than using their hands. That's the unlikely notion at the heart of Roseville-based Advanced Circulatory Systems (ACS). Allina Medical Transport — the ambulance division of Minneapolis-based Allina Health System — has been using another ACS product, the ResQPOD, since 2006. "We've got some data that is positive, and shows these devices work," said Dr. Charles Lick, an emergency department physician who is medical director of Allina Medical Transportation. "I'm working with a group within Allina to promote use of those devices within the hospital, too." Read the whole story at

Posted on October 18, 2009 in Allina Health EMSnewspapersPioneer Press

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