River Falls Area Hospital receives Acute Stroke Ready Hospital Certification

For more information, contact: Tim Burke, 651-409-3030

RIVER FALLS, Wis. 1/21/2019  River Falls Area Hospital has received Acute Stroke Ready Hospital Certification from the Minnesota Department of Health. The certification means that River Falls Area Hospital can provide superior stroke care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"We like to say 'minutes matter' when it comes to stroke and you want to be able to get to the medical care that is best prepared to care for you or a loved one," said Dr. Joey Duren, medical director of the River Fall Area Hospital emergency department. "Bringing stroke expertise to the community of River Falls, in the form of our board certified emergency physicians and stroke neurologists, means that patients get cutting edge stroke care right in their back yard without having to travel to a large city. Our team at River Falls Area Hospital have worked to become an acute stroke ready hospital providing this premiere medical care 24/7."

River Falls Area Hospital, as part the non-profit Allina Health system based in Minnesota, sought the accreditation from the Minnesota Department of Health. The Wisconsin Department of Health does not offer a comparable certification.

A coordinated statewide system of care ensures all hospitals are equipped and ready to provide the best care possible for everyone. The Minnesota Stroke System was officially launched in April 2014. The Minnesota Department of Health partners with the American Heart Association, hospitals, EMS agencies, and many others to implement this coordinated system of care.