Grant proposal examples

Examples of acceptable Neighborhood Health Connection Grant proposals

  • A recurring Zumba class that incorporates a buddy system for 25 individuals held at a local school gym
  • Weekly exercise sessions that incorporate social group stretching for a group of 20 seniors living in an assisted living home
  • Regular bike maintenance lessons and social rides for 12 neighbors, hosted by a local nonprofit
  • Vegetable gardening sessions hosted for 25 local families at a community garden after which families share a meal incorporating the vegetables they've grown
  • A walking/running group of 15 neighbors that meets weekly for 8 weeks to train and support one another in training for a 5k race 

Examples of unacceptable Neighborhood Health Connection Grant proposals

  • A neighborhood festival
  • A block-party
  • A one-time neighborhood Ping-Pong tournament

Why? A minimum of six opportunities must be offered.

  • Drop-in Zumba classes at a local community center

Why? Activities must be for the same group of people

  • Installing a neighborhood community garden in which gardeners are not provided opportunities to get to know one another
  • A series of yoga classes at a local park that does not include a social element for participants

Why? Activities must incorporate opportunities for participants to interact with one another and build relationships.

  • A recurring swim class for kids at a local lake
  • A weekly cooking class for children in which adults from the community provide supervision

Why? Projects that focus on children are not eligible.

  • A weekly knitting group
  • Education classes about the importance of engaging in physical activity

Why? Proposed projects must provide opportunities for healthy eating and/or physical activity.

women working out

Former Neighborhood Health Connection grant recipients from River Falls Comforts of Home Senior Wellness Center got to know each other while increasing their flexibility and balance through special exercises.