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Adolescent partial hospitalization program

Adolescent partial hospitalization program at Abbott Northwestern - WestHealth

When your teen needs intensive care for a mental health condition, our partial hospitalization program is here. We help adolescents stay out of the hospital and get the support they need to heal in their community.

Our three-to-four week partial program is for school-age adolescents, ages 13 to 18. It is directed by a psychiatrist in a group therapy environment to help prevent and reduce hospitalization, maintain participation in school, and stabilize teens in their home environments.

Good for treating

Our program helps address:

  • mood disorders
  • trauma
  • attention disorders
  • anxiety
  • self-injurious behavior
  • suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior
  • thought disorders

What it is

Your teen will work with a psychiatrist who:

  • evaluates current medications
  • assesses the need for medications during the program
  • determines psychological testing needs for further evaluation
  • makes additional therapeutic recommendations
  • collaborates with current outpatient providers

Group therapy

Our program offers a group therapy environment to help adolescents:

  • experience success
  • increase self-awareness
  • improve coping skills
  • develop interpersonal effectiveness
  • increase emotion regulation
  • improve family communication skills
  • improve conflict resolution skills

Family involvement

Your family will participate in individual family sessions and a weekly multi-family therapy group, with topics such as:

  • building trust in the family relationship
  • engaging in healthy communications
  • dealing with social media.

What to expect

Admission and referrals

An intake meeting with a mental health professional is required for admission. Intakes are done Monday through Friday by appointment. Call 763-577-7925.  

Patients who have participated in any Allina Health mental health inpatient program may be referred to this program by their physicians.

Good to know

We support your child's school work by:

  • partnering with the School District 287 to maintain skills necessary to be successful in school
  • devoting two hours per day to classroom work with a district 287 school teacher during the academic year
  • providing you with a multidisciplinary team discharge conference to discuss your teen's progress, course of treatment and transition plan to return to school