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Liver Cancer Program

Complex diagnosis

The diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer is complex. The expert health care professionals of the Liver Cancer Program are dedicated to providing comprehensive and integrated care for individuals with diseases of the liver.

Equipped to fight liver cancer


Whether we are providing early detection services, implementing targeted treatments directly to the liver, or performing surgeries to remove tumors, the staff at Virginia Piper are the best in their field at battling liver cancer.

Our staff

The team is comprised of a nurse coordinator, medical and surgical specialists, nurses, researchers and support staff who have a special interest and training in problems associated with disease of the liver. This team participates in weekly treatment planning conferences to review recent cases to improve the consistency and quality of care.

A nurse coordinator is an experienced registered nurse who meets with patients and families to provide support and assist in efficiently navigating the medical system. The nurse coordinator for our Liver Program is:

  • Jill May, RN

Hepatology and transplant hepatology


  • David Feldshon, MD, Minnesota Gastroenterology
  • Amy Mulvahill, MD, Minnesota Gastroenterology
  • Jeff Rank, MD, Minnesota Gastroenterology
  • Ibrahim Hanouneh, MD – Minnesota Gastroenterology
  • Jack Lake, MD – University of Minnesota, Minnesota Gastroenterology
  • Donald Zogg, MD – Minnesota Gastroenterology
  • Michelle Ragen, MD

*Shared medical directorship of the Radiation Oncology Center

Advanced technology

Abbott Northwestern Hospital is one of only a few facilities that uses selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) to treat unresectable liver tumors.