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Laser services

Surgical lasers allow specially trained surgeons to access the most remote areas of the body, through tiny incisions or some times no incision at all. Compared to conventional surgery, laser surgery can mean less pain, less blood loss, less time in the hospital. It also means reduced scarring and recovery time.

The Laser Services Department offers the widest range of medical laser equipment and services available, supported by a dedicated group of highly skilled and experienced technicians. We're specialists in medical lasers, committed to the highest quality support to our physicians who offer patients the option of laser surgery. Services include:

  • laser support for all medical specialties at Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  • TransOne (mobile laser services)

With more than fifteen surgical lasers serving all medical specialties, Abbott Northwestern Hospital is the leading provider of medical lasers in the Upper Midwest. Lasers can be used to treat everything from common conditions like snoring to more complex cancer treatments (Photodynamic Therapy) or kidney stones (Laser Lithotripsy).