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You can call 612-863-6706 to learn more or arrange an intake appointment.
Program days and hours

Monday through Friday  
9:15 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. 
1-3:30 p.m.

Participants will be scheduled for three days of the week.

Program location

The Abbott Northwestern Expressive Arts and Mindfulness Day Treatment Program is located at:

Abbott Northwestern Hospital 
800 E 28th St, 
Minneapolis, MN 55407

The program is located on the fourth floor of the Wasie Building, which is located on the southwest corner of the hospital campus.

Call for further directions:  
612 863-3239.

Expressive Arts and Mindfulness Day Treatment Program

Group holding hands

This rich, supportive, adult day treatment program can help you address mental health concerns, cope with stress and reconnect with positive directions for yourself.

The program is three half days a week for two to three months, and includes psychotherapy, arts therapies and mindfulness approaches. It is based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Activities include meditations,walking, singing, eating, writing, caring for plants and more to help you bring creative mindfulness into your everyday life.  

We can help you

  • learn to accept and “be with” difficult symptoms such as depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, physical pain or addictive urges
  • connect or re-connect with life dreams, values and life directions
  • get the support you need to take next steps towards creating a more meaningful life
  • embrace life changes and learn to grieve
  • pace yourself and find balance in your commitments
  • practice self-care activities
  • dare to be social in new and healthy ways
  • manage emotions that go along with physical illness
  • create healthy routines and learn life improvisation skills
  • put “fun” back on your menu

What it is

Each program day includes:

  • 105 minutes of supportive therapy, including mindful movement or meditation, and review of recent efforts to be with symptoms and move toward a more meaningful life for you
  • a 15 minute break
  • a 65-minute education group, introducing and practicing new strategies of self-care and empowerment, and creating goals for practice at home

What to expect

  • learning by doing
  • discussion
  • supportive circle of fellow patients
  • creativity and mindfulness made easy, step by step

Good to know

  • Potential participants will be invited for an hour-long intake appointment to learn more about the program and determine if they will benefit from it.
  • Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the program each day.
  • Participants should have a psychiatrist (or other prescriber) and psychotherapist in the community. These services are not provided by our day treatment program.
  • Most health insurance covers this program. However, it best to check with your insurer about coverage. Our staff can also answer some questions about insurance.
  • Persons are referred to the Expressive Arts and Mindfulness Day Treatment Program by psychiatrists, primary care physicians, therapists, county agencies, clergy, other hospitals or family members. Participants can also refer themselves to the program.