“Terrible toos” led to knee replacement

When Herb took up running in 1993 with a friend, he now thinks he may have been guilty of committing the “terrible toos” – running too far, too fast. He thinks that jump-starting his running program with too much enthusiasm may have created wear in his left knee, and aggravated osteoarthritis. 

For the next few years Herb was able to remain active, but in 2000 he had arthroscopy to repair a torn meniscus. In 2005, his knee still hurting, Herb underwent injections in his knee. They helped, but didn’t relieve the pain altogether.

Then in 2010, while out biking with his dog, the dog stopped abruptly. Herb fell off his bike directly onto his left knee. His knee feeling worse than ever, Herb went back to his physician for more injections. After injections stopped helping, Herb and his surgeon, James R. Larson, MD, decided a total knee replacement was in order. 

Herb’s surgery was in December at the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Surgery went well and Herb spent the next few days at the hospital recovering and participating in group physical therapy. Follow up therapy was at Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy – WestHealth. 

Before the surgery, Herb was active in spite of his knee pain. He credits his knee surgery and physical therapy for relieving most of his knee pain, allowing him to engage in activities with less discomfort.