Jim is back in the (bike) saddle

Serious knee pain kept Jim from enjoying the activities he loved.

Turns out twice was nice when it came to knee replacement surgery.

Jim and his wife, Jackie, embraced an active lifestyle, but pain from osteoarthritis in both knees was beginning to slow Jim down. The decline was gradual, but at some point Jim was no longer able to ride his bike or hike with Jackie. Jim knew he had to take action, so he talked to friends who had had joint replacement surgery. They advised him to see orthopedic surgeon Scott Anseth, MD

After x-rays were taken, Jim tried injections. They helped at first, but it became apparent Jim would need surgery. In September he had surgery on his left knee at the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

The surgery seemed to take longer than expected, and in the waiting room Jackie became concerned. Nearly three hours after surgery began, Dr. Anseth met with Jackie and explained the delay. "He told me there was even more damage to Jim's knee than the x-rays had indicated. Rebuilding the joint was very complex, and Dr. Anseth needed to bring in different parts to ensure everything fit just right. I was impressed that he took so much time to make sure Jim's knee was perfect." 

Jim agrees that his surgeon and the Joint Replacement Center did a great job. He had such a good experience, Jim decided to get his right knee replaced in June, just nine months after the left knee. That surgery was a positive experience, too.

Three months later, Jim is well on his way to full use of his knees. He goes to the club and rides a stationary bike, and he and Jackie are hiking again. Jim golfs and expects to be back outdoors cycling soon.

Jim and Jackie Pahula