After knee surgery, Susan still commands competitive edge

Growing up, Susan played girls’ basketball in a state where girls’ basketball is taken very seriously — Iowa. She played basketball throughout school, along with a number of other sports. Now an adult, Susan takes her golf game just as seriously as she did basketball as a kid. That’s why, when pain in her right knee prevented her from hitting the links, she saw an orthopedic surgeon. 

Injections helped Susan regain mobility in her knee for a while, but they weren’t a permanent solution. When her doctor recommended surgery, Susan opted for a partial knee replacement. She believed a partial replacement would permit her repaired knee to tolerate more torque, allowing her to play golf at the level she wanted. 

Surgery occurred in April and Susan says her knee felt better immediately. She was back at work in less than six weeks. 

Susan thinks the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern offers some unique amenities. Her large, private room meant her mom was able to stay the night. And her mom was able to order food off the same menu as Susan, so they could share mealtimes. Susan says the nurses were attentive and understood just what she needed, especially the first night after surgery. 

After being released from the hospital, Susan went to physical therapy at Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy – Richfield. Today, Susan has a full range of motion in her knee and is again able to enjoy being a competitive golfer.