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A mother and her two daughters have orthopedic surgery

Arline and two of her daughters, Lori and Jan, joke with orthopedic surgeon Allan Hunt, MD, that he may just be invited to the next family wedding. All kidding aside, Dr. Hunt has performed 14 surgeries on family members over a 12-year period, including knee replacements and shoulder surgeries.

Jan's daughter was the first in the family to undergo a corrective shoulder surgery 12 years ago. Since then, there have been 13 other surgeries in the family, including two knee replacement surgeries for Jan.

Lori had her left knee replaced at Abbott Northwestern's Joint Replacement Center in the summer of 2012. "The experience was excellent," she said. "It could not have gone better-from the surgeon, to the atmosphere at the hospital. I was so impressed."

Jan found the educational class at Abbott Northwestern's Preoperative Clinic extremely beneficial. And although she was hesitant at first with the idea, she found group therapy sessions helpful for her recovery. "I really enjoyed the group setting for therapy, which really surprised me," said Jan. "The nursing care was top-of-the-line: kind, helpful, thorough."

Over the years, mother Arline has successfully recovered from two knee replacement surgeries and one shoulder surgery. Her key to success: rehabilitation. "I always say that if you're not going to do the rehab, then don't have the surgery," said Arline. Wisely, her daughters agree.

"There isn't a single negative thing I could say about the surgeon, the hospital, the entire experience," added Jan. "If I had to, I'd go back to Abbott Northwestern in a heartbeat."