Patient stories

herb slechta120x80

“Terrible toos” led to knee replacement

When Herb took up running, he now thinks he may have been guilty of committing the “terrible toos” – running too far, too fast. He thinks that jump-starting his running program with too much enthusiasm may have created wear in his left knee that led to knee replacement surgery.

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Jim is back in the (bike) saddle again after knee surgery

Jim and his wife, Jackie, embraced an active lifestyle, but pain from osteoarthritis in both knees was beginning to slow Jim down. He had surgery on his left knee at the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Three months later, Jim is well on his way to full use of his knees.


After knee surgery Susan still commands competitive edge

When pain in her right knee prevented Susan from playing golf, she saw an orthopedic surgeon. Injections helped her regain mobility in her knee for a while, but they weren’t a permanent solution. When her doctor recommended surgery, she opted for a partial knee replacement.

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After surgery on both knees, an active lifestyle resumes

It was bad enough when Barbara Lambert had one painful knee to contend with. Then her other knee started to bother her.

arline lori jan

A mother and her two daughters have orthopedic surgery

Jan's daughter was the first in the family to undergo a corrective shoulder surgery 12 years ago. Since then, there have been 13 other surgeries in the family, including two knee replacement surgeries for Jan.