Nursing Champions of Care

Magnet certified artwork Nursing Champions of Care is collective, compassionate philanthropy among nurses, for nurses and for health of the nursing profession at Abbott Northwestern.

Abbott Northwestern nurses who have retired, attended a nursing school, or are currently employed are encouraged to support the Nursing Excellence fund through Nursing Champions of Care.

The Nursing Excellence fund offers support for scholarships, sending nurses to conferences and funding ongoing evidence-based practice and research fellowships to advance nursing practice.

Charitable gifts to the Nursing Excellence fund help to ease the financial barriers to continuing education so that nurses may focus on exploring their ambitions, fulfilling their greatest potential and transforming the future of patient care.

Nursing Champions of Care brochure

Advocacy and support of Nursing Champions of Care will help to:

  • raise the bar of nursing excellence at Abbott Northwestern
  • ensure resources are available to continue building on the model components of a twice-honored, Magnet-recognized hospital
  • grow a tradition of nurse philanthropy to benefit generations of nurses to come