Public safety

For years, Phillips community residents and Abbott Northwestern Hospital employees have come together to discuss neighborhood safety concerns and plan crime prevention actions. The partnerships we have participated in over the years have brought a significant reduction of serious crime to Phillips and its surrounding areas. Examples of these partnerships include:

  • The Community Crime Prevention Initiative(CCPI), which meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at Abbott Northwestern. The concept behind CCPI is broader than crime prevention. CCPI also functions as a tool to develop and strengthen community involvement and raise community awareness.
  • Minnesota HEALS (Hope, Education And Law and Safety), which is a collaboration of government agencies,community groups, law enforcement and private corporations that began working together on tough issues of crime and violence. This group helped create a place where their organizations could begin to work together in a systematic way. An example is CODE FOR, which fights crime by supporting community-oriented policing and other strategies to anticipate, track and respond to crime.