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Types of surgery

  • There are five types of colon or rectal surgery.

    • right hemicolectomy
    • left hemicolectomy
    • subtotal colectomy
    • low anterior resection
    • abdomino-perineal resection

    Each surgery can be done two different ways.

    • Open surgery: An incision (cut) is made on your abdomen to reach the colon.
    • Minimally invasive surgery: Small incisions are made on your abdomen. The surgeon will insert medical instruments and a camera through the incisions to do the surgery.

    You and your surgeon will decide which way is right for you.

    If cancer is found in your colon, it is also important to remove the lymph nodes during surgery. One of the main blood supplies to the colon will also need to be removed.

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  • Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Understanding Your Colon or Rectal Surgery, second edition, can-ah-95399
    Reviewed by: Johan Nordenstam, MD, MS, PhD
    First published: 01/24/2013
    Last reviewed: 07/15/2015