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  • Breast imaging

    In this video we explore the process of breast imaging and they types of imaging that are appropriate for different ages and situations.

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  • Fertility preservation

    With a cancer diagnosis often comes questions about whether a person will still be able to build a family after cancer treatment. Here we explore fertility preservation options. 

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  • Genetic counseling

    Seeking genetic counseling and testing following a breast cancer diagnosis can alert us to cancer risks a person may face that are not obvious based on family history. In this video, our manager of Genetic Counseling Services explores the benefits.

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  • Pathology report

    Here we explore the different types of pathology reports you'll receive and what the findings will tell doctors. We also review the key information that these reports provide. 

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  • Receptors

    Get a better understanding of what receptors are and what their role is in telling doctors about a person's cancer and how it should be treated. 

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