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Our patients and their stories

  • These stories paint a picture of the expert medical care and excellent experience we provide to our patients and their families.

    close up shot of Terri Beckstead

    Superstar team key to Terri's recovery

    Thanks to help from her cancer care coordinator, Terri Beckstead's journey through breast cancer treatment became easier.

    The motto don't get mad, get even! has helped Tami Strantz recover from breast cancer and become a whirlwind fundraiser for breast cancer research.

    Don't avoid breast cancer: Tami's story

    Sooner is better than later for detecting breast cancer. Many statistics support this, but Tami Strantz of Cambridge, Minnesota, knows firsthand how important early detection is.

    Sue is in her 40s

    Early breast cancer leads to healthy living: Sue's story

    When diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, Sue Gregerson decided to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible. She shares how LiveWell Fitness Center's Take Action program helped her succeed.

    Lavaan in her garden

    Beating breast cancer and setting a new breast care standard: Lavaan's story

    Shortly after losing her husband to cancer, Lavaan Stutzman found herself in a fight against breast cancer. She was in a clinical trial at Piper Breast Center that led to a new standard for breast cancer care.