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Cancer Survivorship Care Plan

  • Life changes the moment you are diagnosed with cancer. In that moment, you become a cancer survivor. The goal of our Cancer Survivorship Care Plan is to help you and your family start to manage the impact of your cancer experience. We will focus on maintaining and improving your quality of life, as you define it, during and after your treatment. 

    How can the Cancer Survivorship Care Plan help me?

    From the very start, we will work with you and your care team to understand your values and what matters most to you. Together we will use that information to create a plan for your ongoing health care that is personalized. The care you receive will be based on specific guidelines designed for cancer survivors. It will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your diagnosis, treatment and side effects you may experience. This includes late side effects that may occur months or years after treatment is complete. Examples include:

    • fatigue (loss of energy)
    • changes in fertility
    • changes in sexual function
    • neuropathy (numbness, tingling, burning in hands and feet or other parts of the body)
    • osteoporosis (softening of the bones)
    • lymphedema (softening of the bones)
    • menopausal symptoms
    • insomnia (inability to sleep)

      What happens during a cancer survivorship appointment?

      The Cancer Survivorship Care Plan is staffed by oncology-trained, advanced practice nurses who work closely with your care team. During your survivorship appointment, your provider will complete the following.

      • Review your recent medical history.
      • Address physical health changes.
      • Identify and help manage side effects of cancer treatment.
      • Provide a Survivorship Care Plan for you and your primary care doctor. The care plan will include:
        • a summary of the treatment you received
        • recommended follow-up care
        • possible late side effects from your treatment
      • Provide education and connect you with the right resources, like:
        • state-of-the-art cancer rehabilitation through a partnership with the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute® Cancer Rehabilitation Program
        • cancer screening examinations
        • ways to change behaviors to reduce cancer risk
        • programs that can help with common cancer concerns for survivors
          • body image
          • coping skills
          • preventing and treating physical weakness
          • exercise as part of an ongoing health plan
    • For more information

      For more information or to schedule your appointment, please call 612-863-3150.