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Integrative therapies

  • Bringing a holistic element to cancer care and treatment

    At the Penny George™ Institute for Health and Healing, experts in holistic health are trained to work with patients who have a variety of medical issues, including cancer.

    These integrative therapists offer care that helps patients focus on restoration and well-being.

    "We offer massage, yoga, mindful eating classes, exercise physiology and acupuncture," said Julie Streeter, RN, a certified massage therapist at the Penny George Institute.

    Many patients who come for integrative therapies are being treated for cancer of the breast, prostate, ovaries, lung, colon or head and neck.

    "Every person is unique. We're there for the patient and can tailor a treatment to where he or she is physically and emotionally," Streeter said.

  • Source: Healthy Communities Magazine, Fall 2012 edition
    Reviewed by: Julie Streeter, RN
    First published: 10/01/2012
    Last reviewed: 10/01/2012