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Lymphedema: A common side effect of breast cancer treatments

  • Lymphedema can develop right away after breast cancer surgery or many years later. It causes a constant ache due to swelling in the arms and legs.

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  • Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, How To Manage Lymphedema, pt-ahc-14216 (4/07)
    Reviewed by: Nancy Hutchison, MD, medical director for cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute; Timothy Sielaff, MD, PhD, FACS, president, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute; Carol Bergen, RN, manager, Piper Breast Center; Deborah Day, MD, medical director, Piper Breast Center; Tamera Lillemoe, MD, pathologist
    First published: 08/25/2009
    Last reviewed: 11/05/2009