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Early breast cancer leads to healthy living: Sue's story

  • When diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in January 2008, Sue Gregerson made a commitment to lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

    After completing radiation therapy and checking with her doctor, she registered for LiveWell Fitness Center's Take Action program—an experience she calls an awakening.

    "I learned so much through the personalized testing and assessments and through the goal-setting with the wellness coach," she said about the program.

    Within a month, Gregerson noticed that she had more energy, and that motivated her to continue on a healthy path.

    "Instead of a diet, I'm learning to change my lifestyle," said Gregerson. "I learned the importance of exercise and nutrition—and how they go hand in hand. I also liked that fact that they developed an at-home exercise plan that fits my lifestyle."

    As a cancer survivor, Gregerson credits Take Action for helping her achieve her fitness and lifestyle goals.

    "My prognosis is excellent. Through healthy eating and exercise, I am a lot stronger both physically and mentally," she explained. "I cannot say enough about the highly qualified staff members at LiveWell. They were always there for me. They figured out what would work for me. They gave me the tools to succeed."

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