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At the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute, we believe that the care we provide is as unique as the patients and families we serve. The life of every individual we encounter is defined by many experiences.

Cancer is just one of them.

We know that staying close to home when possible is an important and necessary part of the healing journey. Across our wide network, teams of highly specialized caregivers come together to offer timely, coordinated and expert cancer care.

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Virginia Piper Cancer Institute – Abbott Northwestern Hospital video

[MUSIC PLAYING] The people of Abbott Northwestern are at the heart of what makes us special. When patients choose VPCI for their care, they're enlisting the support of an entire multidisciplinary team with a unified goal of providing exceptional care through their journey. Our Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer, year after year, demonstrates the commitment of our team to excellence. 

The best cancer care needs a multidisciplinary approach with specialists working together to provide whole person care. The team at VPCI is comprehensive, integrated, and what differentiates us from all other cancer hospitals in Minnesota. Our teams meet on a regular basis to develop customized plans for each of our patients. 

We have 10 separate groups with close to 6,000 participants each year spanning all specialties. Care Navigators are the glue aligning the pieces of high quality integrated cancer care. They're our continuous point of contact for our patients. And they provide guidance and support through an overwhelming life-changing event. 

Radiology is one of many components needed in cancer care. Our expertise ranges from dedicated breast radiologists reading mammograms and MRIs to advanced interventional techniques to make diagnoses and treat patients. 

We have an impressive medical oncology division dedicated to the most up-to-date treatment and participation in clinical research. Our surgeons are versed in innovative and minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of prostate, thoracic, gynecologic, and gastrointestinal malignancies. We also have dedicated surgical oncologists who specialize in rare and complex cancer care. Our expert plastic surgeons offer a wide variety of reconstructive options to make people feel whole again. Our pathologists are critical to making challenging diagnoses and interoperative assessments that help us deliver high quality cancer care. 

We have a collaborative group of specialists, including gastroenterologists and pulmonologists, who are an integral part of cancer care from screening and workup to surveillance and treatment. The radiation oncology team offers comprehensive, innovative, and contemporary techniques that help to minimize side effects. Our survivorship program is led by fellowship-trained rehabilitation physicians who play a key role in helping our patients recover to their new normal. 

We also have a dedicated palliative care team that are critical in helping patients live as long as they can as comfortably as they can while respecting their wishes and honoring their values and preferences. Our clinic nurses and technicians have certification in oncology care. And our team includes a very specialized support staff, including genetic counselors, social work, fertility counseling, and integrative services. 

All of this makes up our VPCI family. We strive to give the highest quality of care across the continuum, including screening, prevention, acute care, survivorship, and end of life. VPCI is your home for cancer care. 


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