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Emergency department

  • Our emergency department offers private rooms with amenities like individually controlled lighting and temperature for your comfort. Flat-screen televisions and telephones help keep you connected.

    Mercy Hospital in Fridley is one of the Twin Cities' largest Level IV trauma hospitals.

    Our board-certified emergency medicine physicians and skilled, caring nurses serve patients of all needs. Nurse clinicians attend to each patient throughout the day for care advancement and coordination.

    Our emergency department has rooms designed specifically for those challenged with obesity, mental health concerns, and victims of sexual assault.

    Caring for our community

    We are proud to be your neighborhood Allina Health hospital, offering world-class health care in your own backyard.

    • If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.
    • If you have questions about the emergency department, please call 763-236-5000. The emergency department is open 24 hours a day and accepts all patients.
    • Mercy Hospital has financial assistance counselors on site who can work with you to access your insurance benefits, or can help you enroll in medical financial assistance programs.

    Emergency heart care

    Mercy Hospital's emergency room staff is specially trained to respond day or night to any sign or symptom a patient may present.

    If you are experiencing chest pain or discomfort, an ER physician, cardiologist and nursing team react competently and quickly to determine the cause.

    Early heart attack care begins with the onset of mild chest discomfort. At this stage, heart damage can be prevented. We encourage patients experiencing any chest pain to call 911 or come into the emergency department to be seen by a physician to determine the cause of the pain.

    For more information on heart and vascular services, call 1-866-443-2782.

  • Allina Health Mental Health and Addiction Services

    As a man looks on, a young women thinks about whether she needs help.

    Assessment and referral: Questions and answers

    Assessment and referral is a hospital-based service that responds to mental health or substance abuse crisis. Services are provided in the hospital emergency department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Emergencies

    For all emergencies, call 911.


    Your primary care provider can help you with preventive care and most same-day needs, including illnesses and injuries. 

    For non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require more immediate attention, you can find the care you need at an urgent care location. No appointment needed.

  • Take care of your health online

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    • Read discharge instructions
    • View test results and medications
    • Manage clinic appointments

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